Hula Hoops

I can control only one area in my life. It’s diameter is that of a Hula Hoop. When Life is annoying, which is about every hour, I remind myself of the simple fact, MY LIFE CIRCLE IS A HULA HOOP!

Don’t forget it, Meat.

Hey! Back off! You’re in my Hula Hoop! No, No, No! You see that circumference? That’s my Hula Hoop; Back off, Jack. Thats my space. Stay out of it. It’s my Promised Land. It conveniently goes where I go. I can always depend on it. A comfort to my peace of mind.

That’s right! My Force. If you only knew the Power of the Round Side……..( My best James Earl Jones ).

There is not much I can do about most things. But there is my Hula Hoop. At least I have that.

Can we help you find the Round Side?

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