Perspective Is A Super Power

What if I could just go back and do it over? The age old concept of being smarter at a younger age.

I guess that brings up being regretful for previous actions and decisions. Some of the undertakings and determinations…


Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 17

Featuring Daniel Haff Award Winning Brewer and Owner of Crooked Label Brewing Company

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This Tool Ain’t Getting Any Sharper

I have serious management potential. I believe I care enough to actually affect change.

Yep, Sharp as a marble.

A few bricks shy of a load.

Not the brightest spoon in the drawer nor sharpest tool in the shed.



How To Herd Cats

This Is A Bit Of A Stretch… Definition Of A Cat:

Evidently Cab Calloway coined the term in the 30’s. Back in 1938, he published Cab Calloway’s Cat-ologue: A “Hepster’s” Dictionary. Wikipedia has a great page on the origins of…


Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 15 Sarah Pinzon, L.A. Recording and Session Artist, Lead Singer of Hell’s Belles Think you got what it takes to make it in the L.A. studio scene? Sarah Pinzon works as a session player and artist. Check out Mackncheeze Podcast …


Still True…And Don’t Forget the Vocalist

Actually, that was my entire reason for getting involved in music, oh, and besides the fact that music constantly runs through my head. I think I was hoping for side benefits. Those benefits did…


Seven Examples Of Counting The Cost

What are you willing to give up to chase your dreams? If we want it badly, we have got to sacrifice.

Obsession, it’s what we do regardless what is happening. First thing in the morning pounding it out. Last thing…



Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. Or so the song goes.

I chose to define freedom as this: I personally make more decisions for myself than my boss , my family, my government and my friends.


Mackncheeze Podcast # 12

Interview with Todd Ainsworth AKA Murl Hartwood of Seattle Country Band, Hartwood Hartwood’s ‘Enumclaw’ available on Amazon and CD Baby Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 12: with Todd Ainsworth cofounder of Seattle Country Band, Hartwood Bryan At Mackncheeze Todd explains…