Hyberbole, Standard Operating Procedure

Aggrandize, to increase the power or reputation of something.

For me, it implies some sort of exaggeration.  It is endemic in the world of music.  Please understand, I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to…



I have read the books.  I have stood in front of the mirror yelling at myself.  I have gone to the conferences.  I have read the blogs.  I have reaffirmed my affirmations.  Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

I have found out…


Somewhere, In The Very Early 90’s

By Todd Ainsworth

Writing for a music blog hasn’t been on my radar, but music is one of my passions and an important part of my life. As my generation gets a little older ( I never expected to live…



So I’m hanging in the lobby waiting for my lesson, listening to what I perceive as a high school student laying down a super congruent groove. I’m saying to myself, ‘Man, I wish I could have played like that when…


Breakfast of Champions

Rehearsal, 10 am. Hey I got time for breakfast. I’m heading over to the closest breakfast chain anticipating some great morning grub.

Man, I can taste those hash browns with my over easy eggs and some wheat toast with strawberry…


Ground Hog Day

  • I played my first Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge in 1977. There is a definite vibe and personification of this organization. Lots of great people adding amazing contributions to our communities. The same goes for the Moose, Lions, Masons and…

Randy Hansen at The MOB Studios

Hey All, a quick shout out. This afternoon at 4:30 my friends at the MOB Recording studio are partnering with KOMO News featuring Randy Hansen.

This is an invite to all my friends and readers. The KOMO News shoot goes…


It’s All About The gravy

Things I’ve Learned From Otis Trust Your Friends

Otis has good friends. Smokey comes to visit from down the street, leaping and bounding because he is so excited to see his buddy Otis. I have never seen two cats so…


Disco Cowboys at Greenlake Oktober Fest

We will be performing at 4 pm, Saturday, September 14. 72 nd and Woodlawn in the Green Lake Business District.

Hope to see you there.

Disco Cowboys 10 th Anniversary

Hi Everyone, We will be playing in Ballard on Friday, the 13th. The Substation, 645 NW 45th. St. Seattle 98107.

The show sarts at 8, we should go on around 9:30 to 10 pm.

Love to see you there.



Caffiene, Its a Life Style

What motivates me everyday?  One guess.  Coffee.  Every morning I participate in the ritual.  At least a pot down the gullet. Not to mention the daily Quad Americano just to finish out the evening.

What the caffiene does for me…


Brave New World

Brave New world?

Social media….. Everyone of us who participates willingly hands over every bit of information that our sign up requests.  George Orwell thought it was going to be the state.  Actually, our government does not have to concern…