I look back in to my past and realize the mistakes I have made. Perhaps chances for our personal success are available to us more than we think. Many of us are caught up in our expectations, not being able to see opportunities that are obtainable. It is a, “Not seeing the forest for the trees,” sort of thing.

Are we ready for those favorable circumstances when they arrive? Often times we are not willing to put out the effort to reach out and grab the moment because what we see isn’t…

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Haters and Critics 

We all deal with it. Our art is very personal; it is an expression of the depths of our being.

Criticism from others has torn me to shreds. Likewise, it has created feelings of inadequacy and anger. Someone else’s disapproval of my abilities impacts my self worth.

Opinions Are Like Armpits, Everybody Has Two And They Both Stink

Judging involves having an opinion on something, pointing it out to be either good or bad. Criticism, however, is expressing an opinion on something without…

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Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 26 

Featuring Dylan Hughes Bassist, Composer, Singer, Arranger, Engineer, Video Host http://www.freudianslurp.com http://www.dylanhughesmusic.com https://anchor.fm/bryan-s-dehart/episodes/Mackncheeze-Music-Podcast–26-Featuring-Dylan-Hughes-eqv52a

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Damn The Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead

Why do we care what other people think?

I have good friends who are super prolific in their craft, but can’t write a song good enough to climb out of paper bag. They are always happy to share their music with out even a thought. Their songs outright suck. They just don’t care. You know what? There is amazing freedom in that.

Everything In The World Comes From Something That Already Exists

My friends who write songs of prolific drudgery, they can…

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The Compelling Reasons 

Why are we driven to do the things we do? I can only speak for myself.


I have to play music, record and associate with like minded people. There is no choice. How do I know? I have tried not to, and by the same token, have been left completely disenfranchised.

I wanted this at seven. As I grew older, the importance coalesced more and more into my thought process. I wanted to play music, be immersed with people who thought the same way, deep in those relationships.


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Yelling At My Devices 

It’s kind of like a ritual. First thing in the morning, my Mac or Mac Book Pro, the internet, my iPhone or iPad, something will be amiss.

My iCloud won’t be transferring something. My email will load on the desk top but won’t load on my phone. We Transfer won’t complete a download, or what ever. Zoom chokes again. You can always count on Zoom to choke.

I know I should be more patient, they are only inanimate objects, but come on, just work.

Welcome To The 21st Century

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Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 24 

Arami Walker Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Educator and Recording Artist Arami Share Her Journey From Los Angeles To Seattle, Her Influences and Philosophy https://www.aramiwalkermusic.com/ https://anchor.fm/bryan-s-dehart/episodes/Mackncheeze-Music-Podcast–24-Featuring-Arami-Walker-eps48e You Tube

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Folksy Wisdom 


Where there is a will there is a way. Sometimes I’m just operating on pure faith.

Build it and they will come. A wise Chinese person said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. I’ve got great expectations. The only thing I can control is process. I’m not able to control outcome.

Don’t let the cat out of the bag. How does this apply? Maybe if I’m planning a surprise party or trying to bury the nefarious…

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Discipline and Perseverance 

Most of us have average intelligence and mind sets. Discipline and perseverance can allow us to reap the full capacity of our brains.

Some Thoughts

“He who lives without discipline dies without honor.” An Icelandic Proverb

“Self-control is the chief element in self-respect, and self-respect is the chief element in courage.” Thucydides

“The first and greatest victory is to conquer self.” Plato

“He who cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the nature of living creatures.”…

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Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 22 

Chris C. D. Littlefield Producer, Bandleader, Composer, Educator, National Touring Artist Chris shares his observations of Seattle Music History, Influences and Recording Techniques https://seattledrumschool.com/component/comprofiler/userprofile/chrislittlefield https://anchor.fm/bryan-s-dehart/episodes/Mackncheeze-Music-Podcast-22-Featuring-Chris-Littlefield-eouknk https://studio.youtube.com/video/V0Cz4ptIl1w/edit

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Music As History 

Looking into the past, encountering person, place and timeline; these things help me to develop a better understanding of where I have come from, present circumstances, my future destination.

History impels me to consider matters which reveal the challenges of great artists, their successes and flat out grit. Their narrative helps me grasp influences which have contributed to who they are. This will help answer questions I may have and expedite personal trials.

I hope to understand my…

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Seven Considerations of Success, Maybe More

Do we say to ourselves, “I’m gonna bust ass and make it to the top?” If we love what we’re doing, if we’re passionate, does it matter how far we go? Sometimes, just getting that one cut which you have been struggling with will make your day and build confidence.

Success can have many different interpretations. There are all sorts of aspirations: from hanging with friends, doing some jamming, drinking and smoking, to the highest levels of…

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Mackncheeze Music Podcast # 21 

Featuring Ed Maloney Club Owner, Music Promoter and Producer
Ed Maloney Former Owner of the Seattle Landmark Highway 99 Blues Club Ed shares his music business insight https://anchor.fm/bryan-s-dehart/episodes/Mackncheeze-Music-Podcast–21-Featuring-Ed-Maloney–Music-Promoter–Producer-and-Former-Owner-of-Seattles-Highway-99-Blues-Club-eoe2l5

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Working for the man, I hear terms like mission statements, objectives, purpose, values and vision. What do I get when I utilize search engines for a definition of vision? A bunch of corporate speak on the how, why and variations on said subject. Seems to me it’s a parroting of various courses offered by universities.

Does this define my consideration of vision?

Practicing vision gives me the chance to close my eyes and see the fulfillment of my dreams and aspirations. If I were where I…

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In Process 

I consider my ego a tool, as opposed as to reflection of who I am. The sweet spot of my self confidence is strongly correlated within the function of my belief that I can do more than facts suggest. I’m waiting to see how this all turns out.

Of course this applies to music, the studio and related various projects.

Am I putting up a facade and hoping you buy it? Maybe. Inflating a version of my true self allows me to relax and play the style of my projected character.

I got that going…

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The Genius Factor 

Genius is an absolutely important component of creativity; not necessarily an Einsteinian genius. Most of us are not revolutionizing scientific theory.

How about actionable design which translates to a ton of effort and process.

Some folks are great song writers. I realize that the process can be perfected by constantly composing. I have one friend who can throw together lyrics, chord progression, melody and arrangement in such a brief time it will make your head spin. I mean, ready…

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