Brave New World

Brave New world?

Social media….. Everyone of us who participates willingly hands over every bit of information that our sign up requests.  George Orwell thought it was going to be the state.  Actually, our government does not have to concern itself about our daily activities.

Trade Desk, NASDAQ TTD, tracks all of us.  I walk in to Walmart, consult my cell phone for the best pricing, Trade Desk grabs the info, sells the query to advertisers, the advertisers then send adds on our cell phones to direct us to the best deals.  All this happens in micro seconds.

The Weather Channel, an IBM company, tracks every movement we allow them.  And lets not get started about Amazon, Google and Facebook.  And make sure you stay away from Libra.  Do you want Facebook accessing your bank account?

But heres the deal – these companies have eliminated the gate keepers.  Now, regular schleps like you and me have access to interacting with an audience, bypassing the gate keepers, who previously kept us proletariat types from interacting with vast customer bases.  Those customer bases were the domaine of the elite.

This is liberating.  We can walk through this door and grab every handful of what ever we can grab to enhance ourselves and those we love.  The democratization of media, with some clauses.

I’m taking advantage of every opportunity the new economy provides me.

Knock yourself out Jeff, Mark and Alphabet!!

Cheers Comrade.

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