I smoke my own crack. I understand thats not a smart thing to do, but some times I want to believe I’m so great that my door should be broken down by all those folks who aspire to work with me. Why wouldn’t they? I’m so great.

But I smoke my own crack.  What I want to be the quality of my state of being is not necessarily the reality of my situation.  That can be disheartening if you smoke as much crack as me.  Haven’t I been taught that my reality is what I make it?  So why is this happening?

There is a hard, hard truth which must be faced – if I’m as great as I think I am then how come I’m not doing those things I believe I should be doing?

Association.  Focus.  Commitment.  Repetitio est mater studiorom.  All these things.

I’m thinking I need to keep carving out my path.  Association.  Focus.  Commitment. Repetition is the matter of the study.  All these things.

Do you smoke your own crack?

I do.


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