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Hey, this is Bryan at Mackncheeze. What can we do to help you?

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I want to introduce the new Mackncheeze music blog. We are all about creating, supporting and sharing with those who are pursuing musical and creative endeavors; folks who have drunk the Cool Aid.

I extend an invitation to you. I would love to hear from you – lets talk.

This blog is about a journey. Stories from the past, insights from failures and success and vision for the future. This blog is about good friends who have accompanied me in this adventure; our shared experiences and hopes.

The blog will be published on every Friday until I get on my feet. After that I hope to post two to three times a week. There is lots to talk about, those who know me can attest to that. I promise not to be long and drawn out. I appreciate blogs that are to the point, because I suffer from Short Attention Span. And Delayed Intelligence, don’t forget about that.

Heres to a Beautiful Day and Inspiration

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