That's My Story and I'm stickin' to it

My Name is Bryan DeHart, heralding from the Beautiful Pacific Northwest. My music interests are varied and I hope mostly to write, record and perform at the utmost of my abilities.  I'm Currently playing drums with the disco cowboys and  The Darnell Scott Band.  The studio is involved in various recording projects involving a circle of talented, good friends. 

I started beating on things in my earliest years, playing piano at 7, and began formal drum lessons at age 13. My instructors include Charles Doud, Mark Graham and Steve Smith.  I spent some time in my  20's playing in road bands travelling between Alaska, New Mexico and the Mid West.  In this period of my musical career I grew tired of sleeping with cockroaches, which could be argued, have a slightly better character than some of the musicians I played with. 

I have spent the last 12 years playing and recording with an amazing array of super talented individuals, to which my recordings boast.  I am priviledged to play with Darnell Scott whose interpertation of the Blues is authentic and heart felt (If you ever get the chance, ask him to break out his acoustic guitar and play Muddy Waters tunes),

Success isn't always financial, but can be experienced through a journey of inspired friendships and experieces. Please sign up on the mailing list, explore the website and most of all, enjoy. 

A tough night after the gig ( hair courtesy of Alyssa ).

A tough night after the gig ( hair courtesy of Alyssa ).